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Mitsui Creates
New Business

"Made in Japan" premium cosmetics for all over the world.

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Who we are

We create new business opportunities and premium Japan-quality cosmetics.

In J-Beauty Technology Platform, you can make your own cosmetics originated from your concepts and images, through collabotion between Mitsui group and Japanese ODMs and OEMs with world top class technologies.

Service 化粧品づくりの流れ・製品カテゴリー イメージ



Premium value created
by the advanced technology
of Japnese ODM manufactureres.

Premium "made in Japan" cosmetics
supplied by Japanese ODM manufactureres.

Capability Premium "made in Japan" cosmetics supplied by Japanese ODM manufactureres.

Achieved Developments

These products are but just a few examples. With sophisticated technological capabilities of leading Japanese ODMs and OEMs, we will develop premium cosmetics tailored to your needs.

  • 01
    日本トップレベルの化粧品ODM/OEMが参画 イメージ

    Cleansing balm that gently melts
    on the skin

    Optimally balanced blends of botanical beauty oils and butters.
    Delicate temperature control and detailed condition settings can form the ingredients into cleansing balm which melts smoothly on your skin.

  • 02
    日本トップレベルの化粧品ODM/OEMが参画 イメージ

    Vibrant colors and a rich variety of
    tone variations

    Pigment-based eyeliners allow users to create delicate and alluring lines around their eyes. Each item consists of an optimal brush and liquid color carefully adjusted with expert craftmanship. The many color options range from jet black to fashionable fluorescent colors and ones containing glitter.

  • 03
    日本トップレベルの化粧品ODM/OEMが参画 イメージ

    Hair coloring products supported by hair stylists and professionals
    with a wide range of color variations

    Developed with the utmost emphasis on quality and prompt adaptation to changing needs, including trending colors and application methods, these hair coloring products are the preferred choice of professionals. Finely-tuned pigment blend creates an extensive lineup of color variations, each formulated to ensure beautiful, consistent coloring.

  • 04
    日本トップレベルの化粧品ODM/OEMが参画 イメージ

    Amino acid cleansing foam—dense foam enabling powerful cleansing results
    while being gentle on the skin

    Our skilled craftmanship, backed by sophisticated technologies and data, can create satisfying texture as well as the perfect balance of container format and ingredients sought by the customer. The ingredients and containers are carefully selected using accumulated resource of experience and data. The result is a dense, rich foam that provides both powerful cleansing results and gentleness on the skin.


The global networks
of the Mitsui group

We provide comprehensive support for you to deliver and sell your cosmetics in Asia such as China, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

We can use our extensive networks of Mitsui group companies, partners, and customers throughout the world to turn your cosmetics business concepts into reality. Please contact us if you are facing any difficulty.


We provide one-stop, comprehensive support from formulation, production and exporting cosmetics product to foreign markets.
*The scope of our capabilities may vary according to the country.

  • Formulation

  • Trademark

  • Regulatory

  • Digital

  • setting up
    EC shop

  • Logistics

  • Export/

Capability テストマーケティング イメージ
We can support your test marketing campaigns via e-commerce sites in China, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and U.S.A

Please contact the J-Beauty Technology Platform if you want to conduct test marketing campaigns via e-commerce sites in China, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, or U.S.A. what we provide:

Capability 国内消費者向けTVショッピングチャンネル イメージ
Consumer sales channels
in Japan

We support you to reach QVC Japan for reaching a wide range of Japanese consumers. It is a multiplatform shopping company, especially adept in the TV shopping format. The shopping enthusiasts who make up QVC’s customer base will learn about the advantages of your products, behind-the-scenes development processes, and back stories through QVC’s shopping channel and the e-commerce site. * We cannot guarantee that your products will be carried by QVC Japan.

Creates New Beauty.
Creates New Beauty.
Creates New Beauty.
Creates New Beauty.