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Capability of Japanese top class ODM/OEM manufacturers

The source of the value that J-Beauty Technology Platform provides comes from
the excellent technological capabilities of Japanese leading ODMs.
These manufacturers have established track records in meeting the needs of diverse customers,
including not only cosmetics manufacturers in Japan and overseas but also brand owners in other industries.
In the fields of skin care, makeup, hair care, and body care, we have invited Japanese top-class ODMs
who are capable of manufacturing safe, secure, and high-quality cosmetics.

  • Having our core-competence in makeups, we create formative-arts with combination of color and pakaging.2 R&D centers. Cosmetic Research Center. 5 manufacturing plants in Sagamihara.We have an established track record in providing products to brand owners in different industries, in addition to cosmetics brand owners in Japan and overseas. Started production in China in 2009. We have built a structure to meet the needs of global customers from Asia to Europe and the U.S.

    • Established:
    • Injectd capital:
      50 million JPY,
    • Employee:

    Owns 5 production plants, R&D center, Technical centers in Japan.
    ISO22716, ISO9001

  • Strong position in Skin care product formulation technology helps us to have the top production volume in Japan.We are capable of developing unique formulations leveraging our oil formulation technology, developed with technology of lip-balm production.Our company is also developing our own prestige cosmetic brand, which leads to our strength in understanding and utilizing the consumer's voice in product development.Material researches, technological development capabilities, and proprietary evaluation technology through alliances with universities and external companies
    We create new value by combining formulation technology and manufacturing technologies with effectiveness and safety evaluation method.

    • Established:
    • Injectd capital:
      90 million JPY,
    • Employee:

    Owns 2 production plants with R&D centers in Japan.

  • We are capable of making proposals for various hair care products (hair color, shampoo, treatment, styling formulas, etc.) and skin care products. We have the largest market share in commercial hair color products.We are a group company of Sasaki Chemical Co., Ltd., which sells raw materials and containers for cosmetics. By utilizing the group strengths, we are able to present proposals based on the integrated value chain extending from raw materials and containers to formula development.

    • Established:
    • Injectd capital:
      80 million JPY,
    • Employee:

    Owns 1 production plant with R&D center in Japan.
    ISO22716 (applying)

  • We can manufacturer a wide range of cosmetic products and quasi drugs such as skin care, hair care, body care, and others.We are proud of having abundant knowledge on spots, dullness, wrinkles, dry-skin and other skin conditions, through our basic research with advanced technology, both in-house and in collaboration with universitied and other external research institutes.Our quality control capabilities enable us to handle manufacturing of quasi-drugs, based on well established safety and stability standard. We are also flexible on manufacturing lot size based on customers' demand.

    • Established:
    • Injectd capital:
      45 million JPY,
    • Employee:

    Owns 4 production plants and 2 R&D center, in 3 different production locations in Japan.
    ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22716, Ecovadis

Creates New Beauty.
Creates New Beauty.
Creates New Beauty.
Creates New Beauty.