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From development to distribution

  • Step 01


    We might have interviews with customers to undrstand customers' concepts and ideas precisely.

  • Step 02

    Product proposals and sample presentation

    Based on customer's concept, ODM manufacturers propose a specific cosmetic product, its concept, cost calculation and samples for your evaluation.

  • Step 03

    Deciding an ODM manufacturer

    Customers decide an ODM manufacturer as supplier of new cosmetic products.

  • Step 04

    Formulation development and package design

    Upon customers' requirements, the ODM manufacturer will develop the formulation and design the packaging to create your cosmetics. The development will carry on until you find it satisfactory.

  • Step 05

    Fixing the schedule and conditions of the contract.

    Contract conclusion between customer and ODM manufacturer.

  • Step 06

    Production and quality control

    Rigorous quality control system throughout the processes brings and ensures the top-quality of the products for you.

  • Completion

    Distribution and sales


  • Skin care イメージ
    Skin care

    • ・Basic cosmetics
      (Cleansing Products, Facial Wash, Toners/Lotion, Milky Lotion, Serum, Cream, Pack, Masks)
    • ・Sunscreen
    • ・Shaving cream, Shaving Foam
    • ・Lip moisture、Lip balm
    • etc.

  • Makeup イメージ

    • ・Base makeup
      (foundation, face powder, etc.)
    • ・point makeup
      (eye makeup, lips, cheeks, nails, etc.)
    • etc.

  • Hair care イメージ
    Hair care

    • ・Hair care products
      (shampoo, rinse, conditioner, hair growth products, etc.),
    • ・hair coloring products
    • ・Hair styling preparation
    • ・Perm solutions
    • etc.

  • Body care イメージ
    Body care

    • ・Body care products
      (Body Washe,Body Lotion,Body Milk,Body Cream)
    • ・hand care products
      (Hand Lotion,Hand Gel,Hand cream)
    • ・Antiperspirant

    • etc.



What is the cost for using the platform?


Inquiries and meetings are free of charge. There might be a cost for sample production depending on each case. Please ask ODM/OEMs during the interviews.


What kind of cosmetics and quasi-drugs can you create?


Wide range of cosmetic products such as Skin care, Makeup, Hair care, body care and other quasi-drugs.


Can we specify raw materials and other ingredients that we do not want included?


Yes. We develop a formulation according to your request. Please specify in the interviews with ODM manufacturers if there are any raw materials you want to avoid.


Is it necessary to obtain approvals and/or licenses to manufacture and sell cosmetics and quasi-drugs?


The ODM manufacturers have the license in Japan, so you do not need to have it to sell your products in Japan. If you are going to sell your products outside Japan, you need to confirm the laws of destination country.

Creates New Beauty.
Creates New Beauty.
Creates New Beauty.
Creates New Beauty.